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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

ARPE Faculty and Students Co-author Award-winning Article

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Faculty and students from the College of Education's Administration, Rehabilitation & Postsecondary Education (ARPE) department have been recognized for an award-winning article on social security/disability insurance (SSI/DI) beneficiaries that find employment.

Each year the journal editors of the Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, Rehabilitation Research Policy & Education, Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling, and the Journal of Rehabilitation choose the recipient of the award from the articles published based upon their quality, scientific rigor, and impact on the field of rehabilitation. This year, the article written by Dr. Marj Olney, Dr. Chaz Compton, Debbie Flores, Dr. Mark Tucker, and Reyna Zuniga (2014) entitled “It Takes a Village:  Influences on Former SSI/DI Beneficiaries Who Transition to Employment” published in Volume 80 of the Journal of Rehabilitation was selected.

The Editor’s Choice Award winning article was written by three ARPE faculty members - Drs. Marj Olney, Mark Tucker and Chaz Compton in coCounseling llaboration with current ARPE student Debbie Flores and recent Rehabilitation graduate Reyna Zuniga. This research ties in with the work ARPE is doing for both the Kessler Foundation project as well as the CaPROMISE project. 

In examining the challenging issue of helping recipients of SSI/DI benefits transition to employment, the research team utilized an appreciative inquiry strategy through which they focused on rare cases of successful transition. This qualitative research method gives this award special significance, in that qualitative research is seldom recognized for these types of awards.

Dean Joseph F. Johnson, Jr. of the College of Education recognized the team by stating that this, “outstanding scholarship, teaching, and service continues to make our rehabilitation counseling program one of the very best in the nation.” Congratulations to ARPE and the authors on this wonderful award!