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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dr. Jo Boaler Discusses Using 'Mindset' to Move Students' Careers Forward

On June 2, 2014, Dr. Jo Boaler presented "The Mindset Revolution: Teaching mathematics for a growth mindset," at San Diego State University.

Dr. Boaler’s presentation was part of San Diego State University’s Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education (CRMSE) Distinguished Lecturer Series. Over 300 people attended the CRMSE Series, which included a roundtable discussion with math education leaders. Stanford Professor Boaler, shared her insight in the areas of mindset, mathematics, and the promotion of equity to motivate students to take their careers forward in these fields.

Boaler is a professor in the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University. Her research focuses on the most effective learning environments for students learning mathematics and has won awards in both England and the United States. Her studies have shown that students, who engage actively in their mathematics learning rather than simply practicing procedures, achieve at higher level.

CRMSE is dedicated to advancing mathematics and science education at local, state, and national levels. Made up of an interdisciplinary community of scholars in the College of Sciences and the College of Education at San Diego State University, the center is engaged in research, curriculum development and dissemination, publications, presentations, and leadership roles in the community and across the nation.

Read more about this program at the CRMSE website.