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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Art Exhibit Cultivates Creativity and SDSU Connections

art exhibit
In an effort to both cultivate artistic talent and build stronger connections to the University, the College of Education hosted an art competition and exhibition for K-12 students throughout San Diego County.

In a final competition held May 9, students from local schools in San Diego were able to compete in  COE’s Art Competition and Exhibition. The annual event is designed to allow both students and parents to explore modern and contemporary art together, as well as allow students to compete for a prize of $100.

According to the competition’s proposal, much of the project is dedicated to improving the underlying skills that are necessary in student works of art such as instilling pride in one’s work and encouraging self-expression. The exhibit also brings the greater San Diego community together on campus in an effort to introduce students to the experience SDSU offers.

The College chose a fitting theme for the exhibit, as each submission was to embody the greater theme of “Education.” Students were tasked with not only designing the artwork, but also showcasing their motivations and inspirations for their particular piece of art.

The final judging of the competition took place at the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union, where three finalists from each school were selected to compete for the prize. The competition allowed student and peer judges to also witness the pieces of art in an alternate perspective which was one of the more prominent goals of the project overall.

Deemed a successful program, the COE’s Art Competition and Exhibition was able to draw students from all over San Diego County to both compete and showcase their creative talents. A Most importantly, it allowed all students to value diverse perspectives and cultures, something that is increasingly important in a global society.