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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

COE Staff Honored with Milestone Service Awards

staff awards
The SDSU College of Education is proud to honor ten of its staff members for their milestone years of service in 2015.

This year's Staff Awards, the celebration of staff service milestones, occurred at a luncheon with President Hirshman, university leaders and other milestone awardees from the university.

It is with great enthusiasm and pride that we celebrate these members of the College of Education Staff. Their work is an integral part of the College of Education and we are honored that they have called SDSU their workplace for so many years. Congratulations for the service of the following staff members:

10 Years
Dr. Tanis Starck (Dean’s Office)

15 Years
Leesa Brockman (Interwork/ARPE)
Sandy Kahn (Dean’s Office)
Theresa Lally (Interwork/ARPE)
Teresa Ramirez-Velasquez (STE)

20 Years
Melanie Falkenberg (Dean’s Office/OSS)
Mari Guillermo (Interwork/ARPE)
Gregg Koyamatsu (Dean’s Office)
John Summerfruit (Interwork/ARPE)

35 Years
Linda Libsack-Schmalzel (ARPE)

staff awardees with dean johnson