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Monday, February 15, 2016

Meet DLE's Newest Faculty Member Dr. Sera Hernandez

 Sera Hernandez
It is our pleasure to introduce you to our new faculty member Sera Hernandez. Dr. Hernandez specializes in critical pedagogical practices with emergent bilingual students and the sociocultural and political contexts of language learning and teaching in California schools and communities.
She was a dissertation fellow for the UC All Campus Consortium on Research for Diversity (UC/ACCORD) and has worked in public K-12 schools and universities for over 15 years as a teacher, counselor, professional developer, and teacher educator. Her research interests include bilingualism, biliteracy, dual language education, critical family literacy, language socialization, and second language acquisition. Her research on language socialization, classroom discourse, and Latino parent involvement has been featured in the Review of Research in Education journal and several edited volumes.

“I am extremely excited to join DLE. I am pleased to be working with a credential program that prepares bilingual teacher candidates to support the bilingualism and biliteracy of the English Learners in the San Diego area. It is my expectation that we are equipping teacher candidates with the best pedagogical practices in bilingual classrooms and preparing them to have the knowledge and skill set to advocate for their English Learners during this current political climate,” said Dr. Hernandez.