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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Two SDSU Bilingual Credential Students in Top CTA Positions

Deborah Miller
Current Bilingual Credential Program Students Deborah Miller and Alexandra Contreras are making a difference this year with their new teacher education liaison positions!

Deborah Miller has been named the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) Liaison. This position is appointed by the California Teachers Association (CTA) Board of Directors and is a very important role. Deborah will be the only student who attends meetings and reads documents about policy making in Sacramento.

In her role as CCTC Student Liaison, Deborah will communicate between students, CTA, Universities, and the Commission about issues or upcoming action items. Deborah will advocate from the student perspective and work to build strong partnerships.

Alexandra Contreras has been named the Southern Regional Vice President of the Student California Teachers Association (SCTA).

This role is equally important and will keep Alexandra busy connecting with all of the SCTA chapters in Southern California. Through campus visits, emails and phones calls, Alexandra will make sure that the Southern chapters are updated on what the Executive Board is up to, as well as to offer support, resources, and advice on how to recruit members and grow as local chapters.

Both Deborah and Alexandra are recent SDSU graduates from the Liberal Studies program (Deborah also double majored in Spanish) and were active members and officers in the SDSU SCTA chapter last year.

For more information on the CTA/SCTA visit the California Teachers Association website