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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Student Success Fee Award Winners, Spring 2017

Aztec Student Union
The College of Education (COE) had eight proposals selected for funding in the 2016-2017 Student Success Fee Academically Related Programs process.  Since Fall 2014, a portion of this fee (10%) is dedicated to support enhancing student success at the college level through expanded academic related programs.

Academic Related Programs (ARP) are defined as those activities and programs which are an extension of the formal learning experience in a course or academic program. They provide an opportunity for students to become engaged and involved in their education outside of their academic courses. Academic related programs are at least partially supported by a faculty, staff, organization adviser or campus administrator and are integrally related to the formal instructional offerings of the campus. Examples include but are not limited to student colloquiums, lecture series, seminars, student projects, student conferences, student competitions, student forums, student exhibitions, student productions, and student performances and participation at professional conferences.

Current students in COE contributed proposals that were awarded over $60,000 for a variety of academic programs.  Some of the programs that the success fee funding will contribute to in the spring semester are a series of workshop meant to raise cultural awareness, a 15-week undergraduate level course with a series of guest speakers on the subject of disability and society and an Asian Diaspora in Higher Education Conference.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a proposal, participated in the review process and helped to make this year a great success.

College of Education winners, their proposals, approved amounts and faculty advisor

Jade McMahan
Valuing Diversity; A Cultural Awareness Training Series ($23,500.00)
Description: A series of workshop trainings meant to raise cultural awareness and provide students with the necessary skills to be successful leaders in a multicultural society.
Faculty advisor: Tanis King Starck, Dean’s Office

Amanda Keller
School to Prison Pipeline ($2,600.00)
Description: A guest presentation by Justin Arnold on the subject of restorative justice and bring a clearer understanding on the complex issues surrounding juvenile and criminal justice systems. The presentation is expected to draw 350 students.
Faculty advisor: Patricia Lozado-Santone, Dean’s Office

Carolina Rasario Mozee
Second Annual Post-Modern Social Justice Symposium ($7,450.00)
Description: Support for second annual Post Modern Social Justice Symposium to bring together students, community members and leading experts in areas of social justice research and education to critically analyze issues and create actions needed to advance social justice awareness at SDSU.
Faculty advisor: Sarah Kahn, Department of Counseling and School Psychology

Mikaila Constable
Honoring their lifestories: Experiencing Disabilities through GS 420 presenters ($3,000.00)
Description: A 15-week undergraduate level course for 844 students on the subject of disability and society. Every class period will be led by an individual guest speaker who shares their story about their own disability experience.
Faculty advisor: Mendy McClure, Department of Special Education

Melissa Vang
Asian Diaspora in Higher Education Conference ($10,500.00)
Description: A conference meant to raise awareness about the diversity within the Asian American population, particularly in higher education. The conference is open to all students, faculty, staff, and scholars.
Faculty advisor: Frank Harris III, Department of Administration, Rehabilitation and Postsecondary Education

Addie Honeycutt
Trauma-Informed Care Training ($1,820.00)
Description: Training opportunities for SDSU students, faculty, staff and community members to develop skills in restorative practices to guide students who have been affected by trauma. Trainings will equip participants with knowledge about the impact of trauma across life span and self-care practices.
Faculty advisor: Joey Nuñez Estrada, Jr.,  Department of Counseling and School Psychology

Nick Wright
Customized Employment Workshop ($ 3,965.00)
Description: One-day workshop on the topic of customized employment for people with disabilities that will explore rehabilitation counseling, career counseling, workforce development, and special education. Up to 120 students are expected to participate.
Faculty advisor: Marj Olney, Department of Administration, Rehabilitation and Postsecondary Education

Arturo Navarro
The 3rd Annual Voice Your Language Forum ($ 11,750.00)
Description: Support for 3rd Annual Voice Your Language Forum, which will raise critical awareness about the value of multilingual education.
Faculty advisor: Sera Hernandez, Department of Dual Language and English Learner Education

See the full list of winning student success fee proposals.