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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Student Spotlight: Tanesha Moore

Student Spotlight: Tanesha Moore

She wanted to get involved and to make the voices of College of Education students heard.

Tanesha Moore is doing exactly that.

As the new COE Student Council (COESC) president, Moore is the voice of her fellow students in San Diego State University’s student government.

“I feel honored being given the position to represent the entire College of Education in regards to Associated Students,” said Moore, a liberal studies major at SDSU. “I feel that it is my duty to make sure the College of Education is involved, well represented, and established on this campus.”

A part of Associated Students, the College of Education Student Council shares information on SDSU matters to its members and gives students a forum to voice their questions and concerns about the college or university. It also brings together all education-related student organizations so students have a better understanding about the COE and are able to participate in all programs and activities the college offers.

“It is now most important for me to make sure that the voice of everyone in my college be heard on issues that they care about,” Moore said.

Moore, a transfer student from De Anza College in Cupertino, said she also wanted to be president to make COESC more visible in the campus community.

Moore, who transferred to SDSU from San Jose, California, said, “I wanted to make the College of Education Student Council as prominent on this campus as all of the other college councils. Coming in as a transfer student this past fall I had no idea how to get involved with my college. I wanted to make sure that if someone wanted to be involved in the College of Education they would know exactly where to go and what resources and organizations are available to them.”

In addition to COESC, Moore also volunteers with the Student African American Sisterhood, Afrikan Student Union, and Student California Teachers Association.

Moore wants to have an impact for minority students in education. She came to SDSU with her grandmother’s encouragement. “She is part of the reason I am living out my dream on San Diego State’s campus today. She has always pushed me to be the best that I can be and made me feel as though I could accomplish anything in this world.”

Moore, 22, said she would like to continue her education and eventually become a school administrator.

“Education will always be in my future. That is why I want to become the best educator I can be,” said Moore. “I want to expand minds and let every child who feels the odds may be against them, or a dream may be too large, that they are larger and can do absolutely anything they put their minds to.”

For more information, visit the College of Education Student Council website.