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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

STE Students Rock the EdTPA!

Credential students
School of Teacher Education (STE) students achieved impressive EdTPA results with a success rate of 94%, substantially above the national average of 72%!

We are excited to announce that 94% of our students passed EdTPA on their first try! The EdTPA measures teaching effectiveness. It is an updated, national version of the Performance Assessment for California Teachers (PACT) that was developed by SCALE (Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity) and is being implemented in partnership with Pearson Education.

This was the first year that the Multiple Subject (elementary education) assessment included a section of teaching mathematics in addition to teaching literacy. Credit goes to Melissa Soto for providing leadership on the math task and teaching elementary math methods for all of our students.

Here are some other impressive numbers to highlight:

  • Of those who submitted, all the secondary English Language Arts (ELA) students passed. Out of all the single subject areas, ELA had the highest average scores. Eric Ginsberg and Kris Rodenberg, who teach the ELA methods courses, put forth a great effort and the results prove it!
  • All the Secondary Science students who submitted their EdTPA passed. Job well done to Donna Ross who teaches the science methods courses.
  • All of our Art students who submitted their EdTPA passed. Kudos to Eric Ginsberg, Kelly Leon, and Gary Kroesch, who led those blocks with our art students.
  • The Three Semester Block (Multiple Subjects) led by Virginia Loh-Hagan was the only block that has had 100% pass rate since we started requiring the EdTPA. Additionally, one of the students in this block had the highest score of 63 (based on the 75-point rubric) this year.
  • A student in the San Diego Unified Partnership block, taught by Cathy Close, had the highest score of 71 (based on the 93-point rubric).
  • The San Diego Unified Partnership, the Math/Science Block, and Three Semester (Multiple Subjects) Block all had 100% pass rates for current submitters. Great job on leading those blocks to Cathy, Lisa, Donna, and Virginia!

It is evident that students worked diligently while block leaders and faculty did a great job of preparing our students. Overall, everyone did a terrific job! 
Congratulations to the School of Teacher Education leaders and students for their excellent work!