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Monday, October 2, 2017

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Dr. Jim Marshall

 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Dr. Jim Marshall
Associate Professor in Educational Leadership, Dr. Jim Marshall, served in three departments, and is the only COE faculty member to do so on his road to tenure! The newly appointed  director of the Ed.D. PK-12 program was also once a San Diego Zoo employee, and his love for animals lives on. Read more to find out which animals currently live at his home and other facts about Jim in this edition of 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Faculty and Staff!

1. Locally grown!

Jim is a native San Diegan—and a product of the San Diego Unified School District.  He was a member of the first graduating class of University City High School.

2. An early start in the tech world.

Jim’s interest in technology and education began in sixth grade.  He was fortunate to have an inspirational teacher, Mr. Thorsen, who was into photography and producing slide shows with audio.  He spent many Saturdays learning photography at the San Diego Zoo.

3. A San Diego Zoo expert.

Those successful, early experiences led to a strong interest in animals, environmental education—and out-of-classroom learning experiences.  So, it wasn’t a complete surprise that, once in college, Jim went to work for the San Diego Zoo—where he led field trips, taught classes and conducted professional development continuing education courses for teachers.

4. Unbiased love for animals.

Jim loves animals to this day.  At home, he’s fortunate to live with three dogs (including two above-standard poodles), four cats, eight chickens and an aquarium full of fish.

5. He took a scenic route to tenure.

Jim has the distinction of being the only COE faculty member who, during his six-year probationary period, served in two colleges (COE and PSFA) and three areas,  Educational Technology, later moving to the School of Journalism & Media Studies when Ed Tech transitioned to Learning Design & Technology, and Educational Leadership. He doesn’t recommend this path to tenure—but is very happy with his final destination, and the Educational Leadership faculty and programs.

6. Informal learning via museums, zoos, and more!

Jim remains fascinated with “informal” learning.  He regularly conducts impact evaluation for learning experiences in museums, zoos and aquariums, public broadcast-sponsored programs, and afterschool programs.

7. A new role as director.

Jim was just appointed Director of the PK-12 Doctoral (Ed.D.) Program and is especially excited to support leaders throughout San Diego, document the accomplishments of our exceptional students and graduates, and bring together our strong network of program alumni.

How Jim is making a difference in the College of Education:

“Careful and intentional evaluation of programs is an often neglected, yet established need, in all types of organizations... including schools.  Well-designed evaluation helps leaders make decisions based on data, participant voice and evaluator insight, as opposed to hearsay or opinion.  My teaching, scholarship and practice in our community is building our collective capacity—to “do" evaluation, and make better use of evaluation results. Transformed programs, as well as heightened benefits to the people these programs serve, are my ultimate goals.”