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Monday, December 11, 2017

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Dr. Sesen Negash

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Dr. Sesen Negash
Assistant Professor in the Department of Counseling and School Psychology, Dr. Sesen Negash, is passionate about helping the reentry population. She has demonstrated this through her work with adult males transitioning out of prison. Sesen is also passionate about woodworking and brussel sprouts, but there is one thing no money in the world could get her to touch! Read more to find out what she is terrified of and other facts about Sesen in this edition of 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Faculty and Staff!

1. Sesen enjoys woodworking.
She has developed a love for making small pieces of furniture and home accessories using many forms of wood (walnut is her favorite).  Her pieces include wine racks, desks, picture frames, planters, and cheese boards.

2. Sesen loved brussel sprouts before they became widely popular in recent years.
Growing up she was obsessed with the slimy green vegetable that many kids loved to avoid.  In recent years the once hated vegetable has been given new life…roasting it and/or reducing it balsamic reduction is delicious. However, she still loves her brussel sprouts without all the bells and whistles.

3.  Sesen is Eritrean and loves her family.
A proud descendant of Eritrea, a country in the horn of East Africa.  Both her parents were born and raised in Eritrea but left the country in the late 70’s to seek better opportunities for themselves and their families.  Thanks to her parents and relatives Sesen speaks the native language of Eritrea, Tigrinya. She is blessed to have been raised in a kind and nurturing household and is proud of the family she has created for herself.  She is married to an incredible man and mom to an adorable and spirited 1-year-old boy.

4. A passion for working with the reentry population.
She has spent the last four years providing volunteer services (i.e., psychoeducation classes related to anger management, parenting, sexual health, and emotional regulation) at the Volunteers of America Stabilization Center for adult males transitioning out of prison. Currently she is collaborating with the Renaissance Center to conduct groups and research with the reentry population. Through her volunteer work she has gained invaluable insight about the needs and multi-contextual experiences of this stigmatized and at-risk population.

5. Sesen loves her coffee shops. 
Through high school, college, and grad school she spent endless hours studying at coffee shops.  If ever she is not in her office on campus, there is a good chance she is at her local coffee shop working and drinking a chai latte.
6. Sesen has moved around quite a bit.
She has lived in six states since moving to the U.S in 1983: Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Indiana, Illinois, and Florida.

7. Sesen is terrified of snakes.
The slithery reptiles absolutely terrify her.  There is no amount of money in the world you could pay her to touch a snake (no matter the size).

How Sesen is making a difference in the College of Education: 
“The key to success across all disciplines are RELATIONSHIPS. My teaching, scholarship, and practice are all founded on the idea that healthy relationships are pivotal to individuals’ mental and physical well-being.  That is why I have and will continue to promote systemic/relational approaches to learning, growing, and healing in the classroom and the community.”