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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Crystal Flores

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Crystal Flores
A first-generation college graduate and Department of Child and Family Development Coordinator, Crystal Flores, was born with a love for helping others and an adventurous spirit! This avid volunteer has got a prowess in American Sign Language and much more! Thanks to her grandmother, there was never a dull moment in Crystal’s childhood as she was always in various classes learning something new. Read on to find out just how many artistic and athletic skills she has picked up over the years in this edition of 7 Things You Didn’t Know About COE Faculty and Staff!

1. First generation college graduate, thanks to mom! 
She is a first-generation college graduate and thanks God for her mother who encouraged and motivated her to always do her best! When others told her that it wasn’t a possibility, her mother was her rock that told her she could, and she is now an SDSU alumnus who loves working and being a part of SDSU.

2. An American  Sign Language aficionado
SHE LOVES ASL! She makes sure that she is always brushed up on ASL. She thinks it is a beautiful language like all languages are. She says it is so wonderful that the College of Education offers ASL classes, and she hopes to see it continuously grow!

3. Oh, Brother! 
She has an 11-year-old brother, and they always like to go on adventures together! They go hiking, to the movies, museums, and are both big fans of Marvel comic book characters.       

4. She has a love for helping others 
She loves to volunteer and help others! She often volunteers at her church giving food to those in need and has been blessed to teach Sunday school with the children in her church. Crystal strongly believes in lending a helping hand and showing compassion to others, and that in itself can start a chain reaction…that we can all connect through the greatest act of all: love.

5. A long-time coffee connoisseur
She has been drinking coffee since she was 16! She really likes coffee, and some would say a little too much! She likes to explore different coffee shops around San Diego, and is always looking for new coffee drinks that she hasn’t tried or foam art that is sensational!

6. Bon appétit!
She not only likes to try new foods but also enjoys learning about different cultures. She is currently learning about the food and culture from her lovely roommates who are from mainland China. She is also learning to cook various Chinese dishes and has been trying theirs as well!

7. She is a Jill of all trades
Growing up, she was always very active and often hyper! Her grandmother put her in various classes, and she has such an appreciation to this day for her introducing Crystal to so many different arts and culture. She has been blessed to learn Baile folklórico, acoustic guitar, trick riding, gymnastics, ballet, tap dance, painting, and crocheting.

How Crystal is making a difference in the College of Education: 
“I make a difference by encouraging others! I interact with a lot of students who apply to graduate school and often don’t feel like they have what it takes to be considered an applicant. I always make sure that when they leave our conversation, they are encouraged to know that they should apply and believe that they are important to make a difference in the world to children and families.”

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