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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Study Abroad Experience with the SDSU College of Education

Leah Buchsbaum
Ever get the urge to run with bulls or visit the castle that may have inspired the famous Disney castle? A four-week study abroad experience in Ávila, Spain can provide an opportunity to do both! If running with bulls isn’t your cup of tea, no worries as most people simply watch from behind the fences while the daredevils do all the running. Leah Buchsbaum details her captivating study abroad experience through SDSU’s College of Education at Universidad Católica de Ávila in her blog. In addition to earning college units, participation in a volunteer program, and organized field trips, students are also free to explore Spain as they please on the weekends. Leah describes her personal experience while offering valuable travel tips (i.e., don’t forget your fanny pack)! She hopes that the blog will encourage more students to go on the trip.

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