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Friday, July 13, 2018

Leadership Students Exhibit Their Skills

Lucien Eloundou, a leadership minor student
Lucien Eloundou, a leadership minor student, discusses his project at spring event.

Posters and more posters.

That’s what students pursuing a Leadership Minor had to do this spring to highlight the projects they created this past spring.

Their projects’ topics and focus were wide and varied, but all had the same goal: get the students to exhibit their leadership skills.

One focused on helping new San Diego State University students find resources on campus. Another was designed to develop a study abroad experience for students pursuing the Leadership Minor. A third centered on providing dental services in communities serving children of newly-arrived families from foreign countries; that would be Joanna Alex’s project.

“Freshman, first-time commuter students and transfer students…are typically the ones who need help locating resources,” stated Alex in her proposal.

“As an immigrant from Iraq and a student working towards becoming a dentist in underserved communities, I was inspired to design and develop a preventative program focused on educating on the importance of developing proper oral hygiene, good nutrition and exercise,” stated Niveeen E. Kryakos.

The Leadership Minor was created by the College of Education’s Department of Administration, Rehabilitation and Postsecondary Education. It is an interdisciplinary program open to students from all majors. So far, 150 students have declared the minor and the first course for the minor, ARP 205: Exploring Leadership, will be a lower division general elective course available in the fall.

“We are expecting our enrollment to grow and we're excited about that,” said Dr. Lisa Gates, lecturer and director of the Leadership Minor.

“Our students value being in classes with folks from a variety of majors,” added Gates, who was nominated by the students living in the residence halls for the 2018 Favorite Faculty Award.

In the minor courses, according to Gates, students are encouraged to apply what they learn about leadership to their careers of choice. Leadership Minor recipients have pursued careers in non-profit work, education and finance, several are pursuing careers as dentists and doctors, and others have gone on to work for organizations such as Tesla, etc.

“The world is becoming increasingly complex and divided and the need for capable and ethical leadership in all industries cannot be overstated,” Gates said. “And employers list leadership as one of the top competencies they look for in new applicants, along with the ability to collaborate with others.”

For more information, visit the Leadership Minor website. Students interested in pursuing the minor should contact Gates at