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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

I Can't Breathe: A Message to the College of Education Community

Editor's Note: The following statement was issued to the College of Education Community on June 3, 2020.

Dear College of Education Students, Faculty, and Staff:

We are keenly aware that people are deeply hurting. In the wake of the horrific murder of George Floyd — and the days of outrage and violence that have ensued — we are deeply cognizant that our College of Education community is painfully disheartened at the sight of how racial injustices continue to be nurtured by extant systems of oppression that, once again, have been unmistakably exposed for the world to see.

As we ponder the persistence of violence against members of the African American community across the U.S. — and as we witness how the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected poor, Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities — we must remain resolute in our commitment to meet this convergence of social maladies with the antidote of courage, mindfulness, and compassion. In the midst of these disturbing circumstances, let us remember the power of education; the power of community; the power of advocacy; and the ultimate power of love as vehicles for reimagining and recreating a world that values our collective humanity.

In our human, social, academic, and professional endeavors, we — students, faculty, and staff in the College of Education — unapologetically and fearlessly condemn acts of police brutality and violence against any person. As a college that prepares educators, administrators, counselors, therapists, and psychologists to serve our increasingly diverse society, we reaffirm our commitment to social justice and to empowering our students and the communities we serve to be agents of positive change.

As a way to continue to make our teaching and learning activities relevant to the present moment, we’ve included resources below for educating ourselves and others about the corrosive effects of systemic racism in our society and our world. During these trying times, we reaffirm our commitment to continue to work for justice. We must continue to educate for a more racially just, democratic, inclusive, and life-affirming future.

—Y. Barry Chung, Dean
—Cristian Aquino-Sterling, Associate Dean for Diversity and International Affairs

Educational Resources for Advocacy and Action

Other Relevant Resources