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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Lauren Collins

Lauren Collins

Preparing the next generation of special education teachers is a high stakes profession. To unwind, assistant professor and induction coordinator Lauren Collins likes to jump out of planes and swim with sharks in her spare time. Find out more about Lauren in this edition of 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Faculty and Staff. 

Lauren Collins is a doodle lover. 

A dog lover from a young age, Lauren became an owner of two doodles when she moved to San Diego. Mauka (a double doodle) and Makai (a labradoodle) are her spoiled rotten, constant companions. You can check out their shenanigans on Instagram (@goldenstatedoods) if you’re a dog lover, too! 

Lauren Collins is a cancer survivor! 

As an eight-year survivor, Lauren is passionate about raising awareness about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. She is a speaker for the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of San Diego’s “Survivors Teaching Students” and enjoys sharing her story about the importance of early detection with medical and nursing students in San Diego County. 

Lauren Collins is part of an SDSU Family. 

Her household is full of Aztecs, as Lauren’s husband, John, is a student in the Aerospace Engineering program. As a veteran and member of the Air Force Reserves, he is part of the Troops to Engineers program at SDSU. Don’t worry … they met before moving to San Diego and becoming Aztec Proud! 

Lauren Collins has lived on both coasts of the U.S. and in the middle of the Pacific. 

Born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA, Lauren moved to Honolulu, HI after completing her Ph.D. She taught for four years at the University of Hawaii before finding her professional home at SDSU. Although she isn’t a native San Diegan, California is as far east as she ever wants to live. 

Lauren Collins is a thrill seeker. 

Although she is afraid of heights and terrified of bungee jumping, Lauren has been skydiving four times over the North Shore of Oahu. She has also swum with sharks twice: once in a cage-diving experience and once in open waters while free diving. 

Lauren Collins enjoys eating her way through new places. 

When traveling, Lauren likes to channel Anthony Bourdain and experience new places and cultures through the local food scene. She is an adventurous eater who will try anything once and a reformed planner who enjoys a flexible approach to traveling. In the words of Bourdain, she is a “big believer in winging it (and) letting the happy accident happen.” 

Lauren Collins is a huge fan of Hamilton. 

While working on home renovations last summer, Lauren listened to Hamilton all day, every day. She was fortunate enough to see the live production in 2019 and enjoys listening to the soundtrack nonstop. 

How Dr. Lauren Collins is making a difference in the College of Education 

“In addition to teaching teachers about effective reading instruction and behavioral interventions, I serve as the induction coordinator for the Department of Special Education. In this role, I provide training and support to new special education teachers and the mentors who work with them. Through induction, we are able to provide new special education teachers with an opportunity to clear their California Teaching Credential. Moreover, we are able to positively impact the outcomes of students with disabilities by supporting their teachers during what we know are some of the toughest years in the special education profession.”