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Monday, August 24, 2015

CASH Symposium Aims to Continue Discussion of K-12 Construction

21st Century Schoolhouse
School accessibility is a top priority in American education, and San Diego State’s National Center for the Twenty-first Century Schoolhouse (NC21) is taking steps to increase accessibility through school design and programming.

Established in mid-2000, NC21 serves as a source of ideas on school design and educational programming for educators, policy makers, and design professionals. With the landscape of educational methods changing on a day-to-day basis, NC21 and its partners have kicked-off California’s Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH) to promote, develop, and support state and local funding for K-12 construction.

Dr. Cynthia Uline, Professor Emeritus of Educational Leadership at the College of Education, joined a team of qualified difference-makers in the hopes of advocating for increased funding for facilities development for K-12 education. Dr. Uline’s team includes e3 Civic High School Executive Director and SDSU alumna Dr. Helen Griffith as well as educational facilities experts Kate Mraw and Dr. Julie Z. Cramer.

The latter three members each joined forces in the design of e3, a charter high school in downtown San Diego. Their story of designing a project-based, technology-enhanced, community-embedded curriculum allowed them to convey to others their two-year study on Pedagogy-Environment Fit.

It is through CASH and the rest of the resources available through NC21 that Dr. Uline, the Director of NC21 at SDSU, can show the rest of the academic community that educational facilities constructed with the technology available today — combined with the proper curricula — can greatly enhance the academic techniques used in K-12 education.

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