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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

7 Things You Didn't Know About Dr. Nadine Bezuk


  1. Nadine is a huge sports fan.
    • She grew up in Pittsburgh and loves the Pittsburgh Steelers (and Aztec football and basketball).
  2. Nadine is the current Director of the School of Teacher Education and the Qualcomm Endowed Professor of Mathematics Education.
    • She loves to help teachers and students make sense of math, particularly fractions! Too many people hate math—Nadine is working on changing that.
  3. Nadine plays the ukulele.
    • After being fascinated with performers in Hawaii, she decided to learn how to play.
  4. Nadine loves to bake.
    • She worked in a bakery while in college, and she especially likes to make Christmas cookies and decorate cakes.
  5. Nadine is a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Board of Directors.
    • NCTM is the largest international organization supporting K-12 math teaching and learning.
  6. Nadine loves bright colors.
    • She changes the color of her bangs every month.
  7. Nadine is the incoming Associate Dean of COE.
    • She will begin her term this summer, following the retirement of Dr. Nancy Farnan.

How Nadine is making a difference in the College of Education:

“I love working with teachers, both future teachers and experienced teachers. My job enables me to work with others to develop and implement programs that support future and current teachers in enhancing their teaching skills. I’m excited that enrollment in our credential and graduate programs has increased over the past two years. Children in San Diego County and beyond are the beneficiaries of this support for teachers. I’m happy to be part of that.”