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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Student Leadership Spotlight: Loren Cruz

We are repeatedly told that “children are our future,” which rings true to this day. At San Diego State, Loren Cruz – a Child and Family Development major within the College of Education – is working to ensure that we all have a bright future ahead of us.

Loren, a senior from Chula Vista, is the acting president of the Child and Family Development Student Organization (CFDSO), and has held the position since the 2014 school year. CFDSO provides SDSU students the opportunity to work with high risk children and families in diverse settings, and Loren has been able to support the community through various volunteer activities and fundraisers organized by CFDSO.

As a lab student in the toddler classroom at the SDSU Children’s Center in 2014, Loren was able to not only further her studies of early childhood development, but also further her work experience by being hired as an Assistant Teacher in the summer of the same year. Within six months, she was able to take on the role of Associate Teacher and assume more responsibility within the Children’s Center.

“I did my best to go above and beyond to prove to myself that I could take on a leadership role,” Loren says of her appointment to Associate Teacher. “I have also done a lot of community service and volunteer work for different causes, which has helped me step out of my comfort zone and take initiative.”

As a leader both in the Children’s Center and in CFDSO, Loren acknowledges the faculty and professors that have been extremely supportive both in and out of the classroom.

“They really show that they genuinely care about my education and well-being,” Loren said. “They want to see me, as well as other students, succeed.”

Loren states that the College has repeatedly helped her apply what she has learned in the classroom to those she helps in the community, whether it is as an Associate Teacher in the Children’s Center or as President of CFDSO.

“Since the College of Education is one of the smaller colleges at SDSU, it is easy to establish relationships with faculty and staff,” Loren said of her time spent in the College.

With Loren scheduled to graduate this May, one thing is certain: both she and the children she teaches have a bright future ahead.