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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Outstanding Graduates of the College of Education's Class of 2016

2016 Graduates

Each year the College of Education recognizes a group of exceptional students as it’s Outstanding Graduates.  Outstanding Graduates are selected from each department at the Graduate and Undergraduate levels based on their academic performance and dedication to their field. In turn, these students then select the most influential faculty member of their academic career. Outstanding Graduates and their Most Influential Faculty members were recognized at the COE Commencement Ceremony on May 15, 2016.

The Informed & Inspired Team caught up with the 2016 COE Outstanding Graduates to learn how they plan to go out and make a difference in their communities after graduation and also what their favorite SDSU memories are!

Deborah Emery-Flores

Department of Administration, Rehabilitation & Postsecondary Education
Program: Rehabilitation Counseling, MS
Most Influential Faculty Member: Dr. Marj Olney
After graduation, I plan to continue my exploration of the best opportunities for employment and submit applications.  The rehabilitation counseling field is full of opportunities—vocational counseling, disability support counseling, teaching, advising, etc. Having earned a Certificate in Rehabilitation Technology along with my MS degree, it opens the field even wider to me.  I am excited to find the opportunity that best fits my interests and abilities and where I can make a positive difference in the lives of those I serve.

My favorite SDSU memory took place while leaving the Viejas Arena and walking to meet my family after my undergraduate graduation ceremony, I thought in my heart, “This is for you, mom,” dedicating my achievement to my mother who had passed away many years ago but who had always wanted a college education and never had the opportunity to get one.  It was a very emotional moment for me.

Parmis Tabar

Department of Child & Family Development
Program: Child Development, MS
Most Influential Faculty Member: Dr. Sascha Longstreth

After graduation, my goal is to open up my own child care center, where I can provide a high quality environment for children zero to five years old and educate their parents about the importance of early childhood years in human development. I would like to focus more on promoting social and emotional development in young children rather than just focusing on mathematical and writing subjects. I would also like to continue writing educational picture books for young children and be able to publish them.

I feel so lucky to have so many supportive and helpful faculty around me at SDSU. I was able to write my first picture book for young children under the supervision of knowledgeable advisors, who provided me lots of useful feedback and encouraged me to improve my final project. Obviously, writing my first picture book is my favorite SDSU memory.

Chelsea Huettl

Department of Child & Family Development (Undergraduate)
Program: Child & Family Development, BS
Most Influential Faculty Member: Dr. Hsing-chen Tung
After graduation, I hope to attend graduate school to obtain a Masters Degree in Education Administration and Leadership as well as a teaching credential.

I have had many unforgettable experiences while attending SDSU, but among the most memorable are the relationships I have formed with my peers, professors, and coworkers who have, and continue, to support me in all of my personal and professional endeavors.

Rebecca Koo

Department of Counseling & School Psychology
Program: Marriage & Family Therapy, MS
Most Influential Faculty Member: Dr. Brent Taylor
My first plan after graduation is to take a big, long, deep breath. Then I want to hug my family and thank them for their invaluable support. I will be applying for jobs in the MFT field, looking for a meaningful work environment and supportive colleagues.

My favorite SDSU memories are going to get food on breaks between classes, talking with friends about ideas that came up in class, frustrations with assignments, or just connecting, building community with them, and being reminded that we would make it through this program together.

Susie Castillo

Department of Dual Language & English Learner Education
Program: Dual Language & English Learner Education, MA
Most Influential Faculty Member: Dr. Cristina Alfaro

Veronica Delgado

Department of Educational Leadership
Program: Educational Leadership (PreK-12), MA
Most Influential Faculty Member: Dr. Ian Pumpian
After graduation, I am applying to Associate Principal positions in the Chula Vista Elementary School District where I am currently a Resource Teacher. I am excited about moving into an Educational Leadership role in my district.

My favorite SDSU memory was coming to class the first day and meeting Dr. Fisher and Dr. Frey. I've used their books for professional learning for years, so I was a bit starstruck, to be honest.

Joseph Dionisio

Department of Special Education
Program: Special Education, MA
Most Influential Faculty Member: Dr. Bonnie Kraemer

After graduation, I will continue working as a special education teacher in the Escondido Union High School District for transition-age students with moderate/severe disabilities. Being at my school site for the past three years, I am still learning and growing as an educator. I am passionate about working in special education especially at the high school level, and I hope to continue making a difference in the lives of my students and being a resource to their families as they make this transition from school to adulthood.

It’s difficult to pinpoint just one memory as my favorite from SDSU, but I have definitely enjoyed all the times I’ve spent with my cohort these past 3 ½ years. From group projects, to conferences and events, to lunch breaks when we had a Saturday class, one of my favorite parts about SDSU was the entire experience I shared with my classmates. From the very beginning, everyone was supportive and helped each other out, and I would not be where I am today without them!

Doan Stephen Phan

School of Teacher Education
Program: Math Education (K-8), MA
Most Influential Faculty Member: Dr. Randolph Philipp
After graduation, I will implement what I've learned to teach math more effectively in second grade.  I will also look for more opportunities to inspire and assist other colleagues to develop a solid K-8 math program at my school.

My favorite SDSU memory is Commencement 2008 when I finished my teaching credential program.  I was thrilled to start my teaching career!