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Sunday, May 1, 2016

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Gregg Koyamatsu


While Gregg Koyamatsu loves his job in the College of Education, you won't believe what he says is the best job he's ever had. Plus Gregg has a family tie with Highland Hill Winery in Ramona, CA. Learn more about the COE's Operating Systems Analyst in this month's 7 Things You Didn't Know About COE Faculty and Staff.

Gregg graduated from UCSB with Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics and Mathematics and from SDSU with a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology
He didn't touch a computer until starting his program in Educational Technology!

Gregg met his wife at Kmart in Santa Barbara, CA
Both of them were working there to help pay college tuition at UCSB
otter couple holding paws

Gregg has worked at SDSU since 1995
Gregg is currently the Operating Systems Analyst in the College of Education
sdsu leadership starts here

Gregg’s Father-in-law owns Highland Hills Winery in Ramona, CA
Although he helps at the winery almost every weekend, Gregg doesn’t drink wine!
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Gregg has a resting heart rate in the low 40's
Gregg takes fitness seriously and is into archery and mountain bike riding
Mountain Bike

Gregg has three kids
His oldest son is a freshman at Cal Poly SLO
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While he loves his job in the COE, the best job Gregg ever had was at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
He got to drive a delivery truck around the amusement park!

How Gregg is making a difference in the College of Education:

“During my almost 25 years at SDSU as a graduate student and as a professional, I have enjoyed mentoring so many talented and hard-working students. Working with Student Tech Assistants in my lab, I have had the opportunity to assist students with everything from homework to heartbreak. It’s been amazing to see the incredible things that my former students go on to achieve and they make me very proud. In fact, about eight of my former student assistants currently work on the SDSU campus!”