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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Doctoral Student Gets New Post at Community College District

John Valencia
“When I was looking to apply for a doctorate program, I knew that my best career move was to be involved with the SDSU program.”

That’s how John Valencia feels about the San Diego State University (SDSU) Educational Leadership Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) Program. And with good reason.

He is convinced his participation in the doctoral program helped him get his new position: Vice Chancellor of Workforce and Organizational Development for the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District (GCCCD).

“In order to advance from my previous position, I needed to be in the San Diego State University Educational Leadership Doctorate of Education program because the next step requires a doctorate,” said Valencia, who was Associate Vice Chancellor of Advancement and Communications at GCCCD since 2013. “This SDSU Ed.D. Program is well respected within the community college sector because of the caliber and long-standing, excellent reputation with my peers.”

In his new role, which Valencia assumed in July, he will oversee:
  • Districtwide marketing and communications
  • Research and planning 
  • Information systems
  • Fee-based, contract training and noncredit classes
  • Adult education for about 30,000 students
  • The East County Education Alliance, a unique partnership with the Grossmont Union High School District designed to provide East County high school students a smoother path to college
  • Grants and fundraising for the Grossmont and Cuyamaca Colleges’ Foundation  
Established 1961, the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District has enhanced the quality of East County life by providing a “top notch, affordable education” to East County residents. The District serves about 27,000 students each semester.
“I am beyond thrilled to be in my new role at GCCCD,” added Valencia. “I feel honored to be given oversight of these departments so that I can help our district deliver high demand education services to East County residents.”

He believes being in the College of Education’s Educational Leadership Ed.D. Program will help him accomplish his next career goals: being president of a community college and, subsequently, chancellor of a major community college district.

“I love the community college world and the incredible impact if has on our students’ lives, the community and the entire economy,” added Valencia, who prior to joining GCCCD had worked in the nonprofit sector for 15 years and owned a successful international Holiday Light manufacturing company.

Valencia starts his days at spin class and volunteers for local nonprofits in his spare time. When not working or studying, you can find him at San Diego beaches, playing volleyball, enjoying delicious food and incredible wine, and spending time with friends. He lives in Bay Park and is married to his husband Jeff Wheeler. Together, they are the proud owners of two dogs, Diego and Ivy.

“I’m an alum of Grossmont College and I have personally benefited from the exceptional education that launched me into my educational journey,” he said.  “I am thoroughly grateful for my education and hope to continue to inspire more people to go to college.”