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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

7 Things You Didn't Know About Edgar Beas

Edgar Beas
You’ll never guess what online shopping website COE Admissions Coordinator, Edgar Beas just can’t get enough of!  Find out that and more about Edgar in this month’s edition of 7 Things You Didn’t Know About COE Faculty and Staff.

Edgar’s First Major was in Film and TV.
During his first year of college, Edgar’s film hobby was about to become a career and he became a part of the Film and TV program at Southwestern College. Edgar ended up switching career paths, but as a result of his early major he filmed and produced 2 short films and a music video.
music video of young man singing and playing guitar

He’s a Staff Member and Student at SDSU.
In addition to the Admissions Coordinator position Edgar holds in the Office of Student Services for the College of Education, he’s also part of the second year cohort for the Master’s in Postsecondary Educational Leadership with a concentration in Student Affairs. Edgar still has one more semester until graduation and he’s having the time of his life. Edgar says the program, the faculty, and his cohort are amazing.
aztec for life, fireworks, sdsu

Habla espaƱol.
Edgar’s native language is Spanish, which he learned at home and at school. Today he speaks Spanish with family, some friends, and some of my students. People have asked Edgar if he thinks in Spanish or English and he says it just depends on the situation- his brain will pick one of the two!
Selena saying, "Me siento muy (I feel very)...excited!"

A Global Scholar
Even though he obtained his high school diploma and college degree here in the U.S., Edgar attended a small private school in Mexico from kindergarten through middle school.
welcome to class in Spanish, boy waving

Edgar Can Bend It Like Beckham!
When he was younger, Edgar trained with the youth reserves of a professional soccer team. At age 12 some scouts saw Edgar playing as a goalkeeper and invited him to train with them. Unfortunately, because of health reasons, Edgar had to stop playing after only a few months.
soccer player running and jumping over player

He Is A First Generation College Graduate.
Being the oldest in the family, Edgar was the first one to go to college and graduate with a 4-year degree. His parents had some college education but never graduated.
grad caps in air with hepper hall in background

Prime Time
“I admit, I’m addicted to Amazon,” Edgar tells us, “I mean who isn’t?”
Edgar browses every single day and has bought everything from clothes to groceries from the online retailer. Everything gets delivered fast with Amazon’s famous Prime shipping and he uses his kindle to watch tv shows, read books, and movies.
man shopping on laptop

How Edgar is making a difference in the College of Education:

“I serve students. I’m committed to make a difference every day when I come in to the office and with that mentality I approach every single interaction I have with them. My current experience going through the Master’s program in Postsecondary Educational Leadership with a concentration in Student Affairs is giving me the necessary tools to complement my work in the Office of Student Services and to become a well-rounded professional. I try to inspire students and help them realize the importance of getting an education. I try to provide them with tools and resources to help them in their development and growth. With this in mind, we are introducing this Fall atED, a new peer advisor program specifically tailored to prospective K-12 teachers and education leaders. This program will enable students to attain an array of leadership skills and a network of professionals willing to assist them in their journey towards their academic goals.”