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Friday, December 2, 2016

COE Graduate Featured in Scholastic Teacher Magazine

Molly Maloy and her classroom
It’s colorful, fun and inspiring.

We’re talking about Molly Maloy’s classroom in Hill Creek Elementary in Santee, CA.
The colorful and creative design of Maloy’s 4th and 5th grade classroom caught the eye of Scholastic Teacher magazine and got a two-page spread in its back-to-school issue this fall.

“I love creating things for my classroom and being inspired by other teachers,” Maloy told the magazine.

A life-long learner and a graduate of the College of Education, Maloy is a three-time alumna of San Diego State University. She earned a bachelor of arts in Liberal Studies in spring 2009. She followed that with a multiple-subject teaching credential in elementary education a year later and in the summer of 2013 she completed her master’s in teaching degree in Language Arts Education.

Maloy started teaching 4th grade in 2010 and has taught 4th and 5th grades in public and private schools.

The Scholastic Teacher article highlights Maloy’s passion for bright colors, organization and décor.

“I have a huge passion for classroom decor and creating a classroom environment that engages learners and feels like a second home,” said Maloy, whose classroom has also been featured in the Huffington Post. “I love collaborating with teachers and sharing ideas that make all our classrooms engaging, beautiful places for students to learn.”

Maloy features her colorful ideas in her blog Lessons with Laughter, which she started in 2012 to share her experiences with other teachers.

“I believe that teaching is based on building relationships with students and should be filled with engaging content and a lot of laughter!” Maloy said.

Visit the Lessons with Laughter website.