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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

City Heights Block Astounds with Perfect edTPA Passing Rate

It’s one thing to strive for perfection, but students in the City Heights Student Teacher Cohort were able to achieve perfection by earning a 100% passing rate for the edTPA.

The Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) is one of the most rigorous tests administered to credential candidates in the State of California, and must be passed in order to earn a preliminary teaching credential. Angie Hummel, the Team Leader for the City Heights Block, was able to display the commitment of the students within her cohort to the rest of the College’s faculty and staff.

“The City Heights Block was made up of a motivated, enthusiastic and fun group of people this year,” City Heights Block student Samantha Allen said. “I can honestly say that everyone was very committed to becoming the best teacher they possibly could be.”

According to Hummel, it takes a village and the City Heights Block was an outstanding village to work with. Students say the methods classes taken during their training were helpful not only for preparing for the edTPA, but also for their future as teachers.

“I think my whole cohort would agree that Angie's encouragement, support, and guidance as well as the time we spent in our edTPA support class were key factors contributing to our cohort's success,” Allen said. “I am happy to say that all of our hard work paid off, and I am proud of our cohort's 100% edTPA pass rate.”

Congratulations to Hummel, Allen, and the rest of the 2016 City Heights Block!