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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Nancy Farnan Retires After 27 Years of Incredible Service

Dr. Nancy Farnan, 27 years of service

After 27 years of dedicated service, it is with both sadness and pride that San Diego State University says farewell to Dr. Nancy Farnan.

Farnan, who earned her Master’s Degree in Education/Writing from the College of Education in the early 80’s, became an Assistant Professor within the School of Teacher Education a year after earning her SDSU’s Joint Doctoral Program in 1989. Since then, she has been promoted to full professor and has served as Director of the School of Teacher Education.  Most recently, she has served as Interim Associate Dean for the College of Education.

“The greatest highlight of my career at SDSU has been the opportunity to work with so many smart, dedicated, and collegial individuals both within the College of Education and across campus,” Farnan said of her time at the University. “I have been fortunate to work with so many individuals who have helped make the work productive and the environment positive every day.”

Throughout her time with the College, Farnan co-authored seven textbooks and countless other journal publications, book chapters, and articles. She is also the winner of five teaching awards since she came to SDSU, and leaves behind a fond legacy of accomplishments.

“My best memories of SDSU relate to the people with whom I've worked, both within and outside the university,” Farnan says of her favorite memories throughout her time with the College. “I have especially enjoyed opportunities to collaborate with schools, districts, and other community agencies, where there has been a shared commitment to create the best educational experiences that can help ensure student success.”

Whether it was her time as an Associate Professor, as the Director of the School of Teacher Education, or as the Interim Associate Dean of COE, Farnan’s impact was felt throughout the College in every aspect of her work. However, with her retirement, she hopes to make the most of her downtime.

When Dr. Jose Luis Alvarado left the Associate Dean position in the COE to become the Dean of the College of Education at CSU-Monterey Bay, Farnan had already planned to retire.  Dr. Joe Johnson, COE Dean, asked Farnan to delay her retirement plans and assume the Associate Dean position on an interim basis.

Johnson commented, “For the past two years, Dr. Farnan has assumed this critical role in an exemplary manner.  She has been a wonderful advocate for our College’s faculty and staff.  She has helped various university offices and divisions understand the complexities of our work.  Her ability to collaborate effectively across this complex bureaucracy has served all of us well.  She has worked selflessly, reflecting her sincere commitment to our College.  I will miss her, but she truly deserves a wonderful retirement.”

Farnan says of her plans for retirement, “I look forward to exploring new experiences and activities without a timeline or deadlines; spending more time with family and friends; and, of course something I've heard many people say, more time to travel”

The College of Education—and the entire SDSU community—would like to thank Nancy for her invaluable service and wish her a happy and long retirement!