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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dr. Haine-Schlagel Represents SDSU in Important CFD Research

Dr. Rachel Haine-Schlagel
In studies focused on family therapy techniques and home visiting programs, the College of Education’s Dr. Rachel Haine-Schlagel is lending a hand in furthering research for Child and Family Development.

Haine-Schlagel, one of the newest Assistant Professors in the Child and Family Development Department, received a grant to create a home visiting program for parents who are receiving services from Child Welfare for child neglect. Additionally, Haine-Schlagel is collaborating with colleagues from UCSD’s Departments of Psychiatry and Family & Preventive Medicine to evaluate the effects of a new child behavioral health program.

The home visiting program’s goal is to add new tools to an existing evidence-based home visiting program, SafeCare, to help the home visitor and parent work together effectively to help parents ensure their home is safe, keep their children healthy, and interact positively with their children. Haine-Schlagel and her colleagues are working collaboratively to develop and pilot test a set of tools over the next year and hope to secure additional funding to test how the tools work in a larger study that includes other home visiting programs.

As an evaluator for a new program to help low-income families engage in family therapy, Haine-Schlagel will collaborate with colleagues from UCSD to determine the effectiveness of placing families with a Family Support Partner (FSP) whose own child has received child mental health services. The goal of the FSP is to support families who may benefit from family therapy but may have difficulty engaging in the service.

With ongoing involvement in research that will benefit both the local San Diego community as well as the academic community, Haine-Schlagel and her colleagues continue to demonstrate the College of Education’s commitment to serving both its local and a national audience.  Great work, Dr. Haine-Schlagel!