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Monday, June 6, 2016

SDSU/CGU PhD Alumni Making an Impact

alumni map
Since 1978, the San Diego State University (SDSU) and Claremont Graduate University (CGU) Joint Doctoral Program in Education has produced an impressive 204 graduates. Recently, JDP Director Dr. Rafaela Santa Cruz and JDP alumnus Dr. Aaron Iffland analyzed alumni employment data to create a map showing where each of these graduates has been employed.

Drs. Santa Cruz and Iffland created a JDP alumni map that provides a striking visual of the impact JDP graduates are making across the United States and beyond. JDP program graduates are currently making a difference in K-12 education, public and private higher education, administration, social work, and private business. As can be observed, the alumni map is a proof point of the quality and success of the program and its graduates. 

click to open map in PDF format


While there are a number of JDP alumni making an impact nationally and internationally, 84% of the SDSU/CGU doctoral graduates have remained in California. Their influence spans the state from Sacramento to Calexico. More impressively, 57% of JDP graduates are currently working in the San Diego community making a difference in K-12 school districts, the San Diego County Office of Education, community colleges, universities, and private businesses.

The program prides itself on developing scholars who are committed to research on democratic schooling, social justice and equal educational outcomes for all students, and the improvement of educational systems serving diverse communities. Whether alumni are teaching in a K-12 classroom, lecturing to a cohort of master’s students or creating educational policy, SDSU/CGU doctoral graduates are out there making a difference everyday!

The SDSU/CGU Joint Doctoral Program in Education has been in existence for nearly 40 years and was founded under the leadership of Dr. Tomas Arciniega and Dr. Peggy Hawley at SDSU and Dr. Paul Albrecht, former Dean of Faculty, at CGU. Beginning this fall Dr. J. Luke Wood will become the JDP Director, as Dr. Rafaela Santa Cruz assumes the role of Interim Director of the SDSU School of Teacher Education.

Through coursework, qualifying exams, and completion of a dissertation, SDSU/CGU JDP candidates achieve an understanding of diversity and its implications for education, the ability to analyze and develop educational policy, an expertise in systemic organizational change, the application of theory and research-based knowledge, and the use of effective educational practices. The program admits students each fall.

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